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  • The Rise of Fintech Chatbots

    The Rise of Fintech Chatbots
    With the growth of artificial intelligence in every area of online activity, chatbots have grown in sophistication to fill the role of customer service agents. Transparency Market Research predicts the global chatbot market will be worth $994.5m by the end of 2024 – a huge rise from only $113m in 2015. (more…)
  • Artificial Intelligence in India’s Fintech

    Artificial Intelligence in India's Fintech
    With a growing number of FinTech startups, India is considered to be one of the top five global FinTech hubs. The country’s population of over 1.3 billion is highly under banked, with digital penetration growing rapidly. This, combined with the recent demonetization and push towards a cashless economy, make it an exciting space for global Fintech. (more…)
  • ‘Selfie Pay’: Paying With Facial Recognition

    Paying With Facial Recognition
    Facial recognition is the latest fast growing technology that will be employed to verify payments on mobiles and in stores across the world in the near future. While fingerprint technology has grown as a method of payment on smartphones, it hasn’t caught on as widely as expected due to various drawbacks, which facial recognition technology hopes to resolve. (more…)
  • Solving Information Asymmetry Problem in Crowdfunding

    Solving Information Asymmetry Problem in Crowdfunding
    Crowdfunding has seen rapid growth in recent years, with $2.5 Billion raised in equity crowdfunding globally during 2015. This amount is expected to grow further, as new regulations make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise money through crowdfunding. In theory, crowdfunding provides great benefits to both the seekers and providers of capital; allowing entrepreneurs to raise funds easily, and providing small investors with fresh avenues for investment. (more…)
  • How to Train and Manage iGen Millennial Employees

    How to Train iGen Millenial Employees
    Congratulations! Your company just became the coolest place to work. You have an open work space, employees playing ping pong, and really great coffee. You’ve hired from iGen, and your team is flush with enthusiasm, tight pants, and cloud computing. However, this particular group has specific goals and desires that differ from previous generations, and understanding their unique aspirations, especially your ability to help them thrive, will be a crucial component in their contributions to your company.   (more…)
  • Fintech Startups and Artificial Intelligence

    Fintech Startups and Artificial Intelligence
    Startups and established financial service firms are targeting these days to provide investors clearer guidance with information collected and captured from multiple sources. Artificial intelligence contributes to providing greater insights and thereby better customer experience by capturing vast amounts of data in real-time as well as helping users in understanding how different data points relate to each other. Financial services are leveraging data-driven technologies in order to overcome the breakdown in brand loyalty. (more…)
  • Big Data in the Space of Fintech

    Big Data in the space of Fintech
    Fintech – a word which clearly indicates a combination of financial services and technology. It includes various financial fields such as retail banking, investments, and lending. Big data contributes to a major chunk of technology used. Data scientists and analysts have honed their skills which have improved analysis of data leading to increased consumer profits. (more…)
  • Defusing Organizational Silos Through Competent Collaboration

    Defusing Organizational Silos Through Competent Collaboration
    Meeting the organizational and technological challenges of globalization often requires stronger decision-making and workforce cooperation in modern business cultures. Organizational silos as much as individual achievers who look after their own standings can hinder such progress. As companies scale, staff find it harder to get to know and trust their colleagues elsewhere. Many will form close-knit groups who may eventually find it in their interest to resist change, by setting up insular barriers to broader collaboration. (more…)
  • Abu Dhabi: MENA’s new FinTech Hub?

    Abu-Dhabi: MENA's new FinTech Hub?
    Established in 2013, with its official opening in 2015, the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) aims to support Abu Dhabi’s long term strategy to diversify its economy and establish the capital as an international financial centre. One year into its launch, ADGM was named the International Financial Centre of the Year (MENA) by the prominent Global Investor/ISF publication. An endorsement like this testifies the attractiveness of the Abu Dhabi region as a financial hub. However, we have yet to see whether the ADG will live up to its expectations. (more…)
  • P2P Sector in Malaysia

    P2P Sector in Malaysia
    Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms are becoming increasingly active in the US, UK, China, Australia, and many other countries across the world. China’s P2P market has shown the greatest growth with lending reaching a level of US$66.9 billion. (more…)

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