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  • What’s the Reason Behind Cryptocurrency Growth?

    What’s the Reason Behind Cryptocurrency Growth?
    In April, the price of the first cryptocurrency started ascending to new pricing levels, breaking its resistance level at $1295. In the past few months, Bitcoin attained a brand new value of $3,000, twice as high as the first cryptocurrency price. (more…)
  • Does Net Neutrality Make India Better for Fintech Startups?

    Does Net Neutrality Make India Better for Fintech Startups?
    This is a tale of two countries and how their respective government policies on net neutrality have affected the startup of nascent fintech companies. Governments have long chosen winners and losers in the private sector by providing different rulebooks for different players—the expansion of railroads across the western half of the USA during the latter half of the 19th century is a prime example. Today, a nation’s net neutrality policies profoundly impact Internet users and businesses, particularly fintech ventures spawning revolutionary products and services. (more…)
  • China’s New Cyber Security Regulation

    China's New Cybersecurity Regulation
    China has a variety of reasons to ensure that “The Great Firewall”, a term erected to describe its stringent internet access controls, stays as solid as the monumental Great Wall of China. Pew Research Center’s survey in 2009 reported that 80 percent of all Chinese think a controlled internet is for their benefit, while 85 percent want the government to control it as part of its responsibility. (more…)
  • Cycber Security Shortage for FSIs

    Cycber Security Shortage for FSIs
    This spring, the WannaCry virus made international headlines as hundreds of thousands of FSIs were hijacked and held hostage by this malicious ransomware. The most startling observation about this attack that compromised over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries is that it was neither shocking nor unexpected. From consumer credit card information stolen by hackers of Target Co, or compromised email accounts by continual hacks of Yahoo, high profile, prolific hacks of companies, governments, and individuals are increasingly commonplace. (more…)
  • British Airways: Power Surges and IT Outsourcing

    British Airways: Power Surges and IT Outsourcing
    British Airlines (BA) faced a critical downtime with their IT systems on Saturday, 27th of May, leaving almost 75,000 passengers stranded at the airports waiting for their flights. At around 11 am on Saturday, BA’s IT systems crashed worldwide, for the sixth time in the past year. The company’s website was also down with the crash and BA had no option but to cancel thousands of flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, its two central hubs. (more…)
  • Cyber Risk and Reputation Management

    Cyber Risk and Reputation Management
    In recent years, more and more companies have succumbed to cyber attacks. This is particularly an issue in the financial services industry, where hackers and cyber terrorists launch attacks on banks and other financial firms in order to profit monetarily, usually by holding the company to ransom. These are often known as the denial of service attacks whereby hackers will launch an organised attack on a firm to shut down a range of services and then demand payment in order to cease the attack. (more…)
  • Profitability Among UK FinTech

    Profitability Among UK FinTech
    Rarely do we hear a startup making profit. Try searching for the “your favourite startup name” and “profit” together on Google. More likely than not, the top results would include news articles headlined “ABC startup operating loss widens X times than last year” or results that are as distant to relevance as are startups to profit in the modern economy. (more…)
  • Retraining the Financial Industry

    Retraining the Financial Industry
    I love a good vindication. Don’t you? Seeing someone get what’s coming to them is just so satisfying. The 2015 financial drama The Big Short reminds audiences of the frustration of being denied justice, and it reminds us that often those who have to bear the consequences are not those who deserve them. As in The Big Short, this is especially true when companies must lay off employees. (more…)
  • Misdiagnosis by Overworked and Understaffed Specialists

    Beyond a shortage in primary care, labour pools in many medical specialty fields are also facing challenges from over-strained doctors.
    Beyond a shortage in primary care, labour pools in many medical specialty fields are also facing challenges from over-strained doctors. Generally speaking, there are three challenges facing medical specialists across a wide array of fields: (more…)
  • Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare

    Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare
     Teladoc, Doctor on Demand and MDLive are finding demand in the US where the PCP shortage is felt most: rural areas. It might seem simple enough to connect a doctor and a patient through a chat box or video call, but Teladoc has demonstrated on a large scale the ability to conduct basic primary care consultations at just $30-40 per “visit”. That’s a dramatically lower price than the typical visit in the US today, which can range from $100 to $180; but may go up further still depending on the deals between the physician and the insurer. (more…)

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