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  • Hedge Funds are Taking a Liking to Blockchain

    In the recent past, a new technology known as blockchain has taken the world by a storm, threatening to disrupt almost every industry, from healthcare to transport to finance. (more…)
  • 9 Unique Types of Days Off

    While all businesses remain determined to meet revenue goals and increase profits, there are those who are also looking to make life a little bit easier for their employees. (more…)
  • IMF Warns To Take Cryptocurrency Seriously

    IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde has urged international banks and financial regulators to start giving cryptocurrencies serious consideration. (more…)
  • Can IT Jobs Get Replaced by Robots?

    Can IT Jobs Get Replaced by Robots?
    For the last twenty years, high school and college advisors have been pushing students into the IT field as it has been a reliably growing job market. However, those numbers don’t seem to be holding quite as steady at this point. In the United States, IT job market prospects are expected to decrease through the end of the year following several devastating events, including hurricanes Harvey and Irma, wildfires, and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Due to increased automation, Indian IT professionals are also facing a shrinking job market for the next several months. Senior IT professionals in India may even be facing layoffs. The overall job market in IT in India does remain positive, but this downward trending job market is the lowest it has been in India for many years and will cause shake-ups at major IT companies. Some IT professionals are hoping to quickly learn new cutting-edge technologies to keep themselves marketable as the IT job market shifts and changes. With each advance made in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, the need for human workers is eliminated; for example, The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs study predicts a job loss of nearly 5 million by the year 2020. In order to remain competitive, those in the IT field will likely need to acquire new and more specialized skills. Robots won’t replace us (not yet anyway), but they may change the way graduates prepare themselves for a career in IT.
  • Matchpoint Technology Will Replace Your Remote Control

    Matchpoint Technology Might Replace Your Remote Control
    It’s only been a generation that we’ve been able to change our TV channels without getting up from our recliners. Wireless remote-control devices have changed our entertainment habits, but new Matchpoint technology is set to shift those habits again. (more…)
  • MasterCard to Suspend All Cryptocurrency Cards Outside of EEA

    MasterCard to Suspend All Cryptocurrency Cards Outside of EEA
    Following Visa, MasterCard has announced guidelines which would suspend all cryptocurrency debit cards which fall outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). (more…)
  • Antitrust Investigations Underway in Poland and the Netherlands

    Antitrust Investigations Underway in Poland and the Netherlands
    According to reports by Reuters and the Financial Times, banks in both Poland and the Netherlands are currently under investigation by the EU for potential antitrust violations. On the morning of October 3rd, officials from the Brussels office conducted unannounced checks of the banking association headquarters in both countries. These checks come as preliminary notices of the commission’s intent to enforce the newest EU regulations on the retail banking sector, due to come into full effect in 2018. (more…)
  • Agile HR: Creating Customer Interactions

    Agile HR: Creating Customer Interactions
    Agile HR is all about developing a dynamic workforce that can be deployed and redeployed to meet the changing demands of industry and commerce. It’s about speed, precision, collaboration, and excellence. Agile HR impacts everything from an organization’s team structure to its feedback loop, and every aspect of agile HR is intended to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. (more…)
  • The Rise and Rise of InsurTech

    The Rise and Rise of InsurTech
    In another sign that InsurTech is one of the fastest growing and exciting FinTech sectors, the first InsurTech firm went public recently. ZhongAn Online Property and Casualty Insurance, floated on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at HK$59.70, raising US$1.5bn, valuing the firm at US$10bn. According to the Financial Times, Zhongan is backed with venture capital and equity finance by some of China’s largest finance groups and the public floatation has helped bring in prominent investors including the Japanese firm, SoftBank. Additionally, the big Chinese online firm, Ant Financial (an affiliate of Alibaba), is also a large shareholder in the online insurance firm. (more…)
  • Agile HR: How to Manage Small Teams

    Agile HR: How to Manage Small Performing Teams
    Organizations, both big and small, need direction and development. The Human Resources department is the conduit by which organizations are shaped and propelled forward. This designation has come to be known as agile HR whereas the Harvard Business Review describes, “HR needs to provide the same services it’s always provided – hiring, professional development, performance management – but in ways that are responsive to the ongoing change in the culture and work style of the organization.” (more…)

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