OKA-HR collaborates with the FinTech industry helping your company achieve your ambitions. You need to give more than just an innovative product or service.

To attract and retain the most talented and market responsive team your firm needs:

  • A team and organisational structure encouraging growth,
  • A balance of skills and personality balance among co-founders,
  • A company culture of innovation and trust,
  • A simple payroll and rewarding structure for co-founders and employees.

In a survey completed by CB Insights – nearly a quarter of technology failures related to poor people development. The survey also confirmed that financial problems and mis-management remained the most common reason for failure. OKA-HR can support you in ensuring you avoid their mistakes to build a successful firm.

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Yinka Opaneye

Chief Executive Officer

I am a highly experienced HR professional with over 11-years’ experience in HR and employment law (EU, UK, and US). My experience in managing teams, organisational change, and implementing policies will be of huge benefit to any Fintech firm. I’ll help your business grow by implementing changes which will help achieve your business goals.

Fatou Dieye

Chief Technology Officer

Fatou is a highly skilled IT Consultant with over eight years’ of experience in total CRM project management. She has honed her expertise in some of the most world renowned professional consulting groups helping to deliver on-time, on-budget IT projects for blue chip clients in various industries such as life sciences, telco, and consumer goods. She also possesses strong knowledge of Salesforce.com, Veeva and Siebel, and is apt at using agile methodology and the waterfall approach for project management.

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