Pride! Pride! Pride! :)

Pride! Pride! Pride! :)

One of the primary functions of the education system is the socialisation of children. It gives children the skills and knowledge; but some would argue, more importantly, the attitudes and behaviours required to be successfully live in the ‘future’.

This is one of the reasons why protests made earlier this year by the well-meaning, but misguided parents, on the reforms to primary Health&Sex education was so sad to see. The Relationships Education, Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education’ document provides guidance on how to introduce primary school children to different family/ household forms (e.g. single parents, sexual minority/ LGBT parents, families headed by grandparents etc.), defines caring and respectful friendships and tackles appropriate relationship online.

With each Pride Month more and more firms seem to filter their logos in rainbow-hued colours. They demonstrate their increased openness to sexual minorities. These rainbow logos are becoming normal because sexual diversity is increasingly viewed as ‘normal’ and it will be more so in the future within which these primary school children will live and work. It’s wonderful to know that sexual diversity will be associated more with acts of celebration and support than a past of repression, fear, and confusion.

Wishing You A Happy Pride Month! 

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