Matchpoint Technology Will Replace Your Remote Control

Matchpoint Technology Will Replace Your Remote Control

It’s only been a generation that we’ve been able to change our TV channels without getting up from our recliners. Wireless remote-control devices have changed our entertainment habits, but new Matchpoint technology is set to shift those habits again.

Matchpoint technology relies on a webcam and software to capture your movements, allowing you to issue commands without ever pushing a button. It also utilizes voice recognition technology to capture commands. This new software can run on TVs, tablets, or laptops. It is much more advanced than current gesture-based technology in that users can perform commands using various body parts or objects and are not limited to using a hand to execute commands.

This makes it possible for users to execute commands using the flick of a wrist, the nod of a head, waving a coffee cup back and forth, and more. The webcam will look for movements from objects to couple with the technology, and the user can view various control options from a small widget on the screen. This could mean nodding your head to change music volume levels, waving an arm to change a channel or even gesturing with your tennis racket to pause a show.

A hands-free remote-control experience will allow users to interact more seamlessly with their technological devices and with fewer interruptions. Imagine never having to rummage through couch cushions for the remote again and also being able to follow a muffin recipe on YouTube and pause and rewind as needed without having to dab at your laptop keys with fingers covered in batter.

Matchpoint technology is poised to change the way we use technology and may even provide greater accessibility for people who struggle with remote control buttons.

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