Strawmen: Do you stand with Trump or collapse with Liberals?

Strawmen: Do you stand with Trump or collapse with Liberals?

I regularly use straws to protect my teeth and in a bid to remain eco-friendly, I have tried a redundant concept: paper straws. My frustration was shared by Brad Parscale, President Trump’s campaign manager, who has come up with I believe is an ingenious idea, Trump branded plastic straws! The items, according to Parscale, raised nearly $500,000 towards Donald Trump’s campaign, within its first week. 

What makes this campaign successful isn’t the innovative product or the use of merchandise to raise funding, it’s what the product signifies. These Trump straws align with the President’s image of saying and doing what others (soft and impractical liberals) are afraid to do. Their strong and bold imagery — American red, marked by strong muscular letters reading simply “TRUMP” — asks the buyer to “Stand with President Trump”. Irrespective of your political bias, this represents a beautiful marketing case study. These straws do more than help you drink, they reinforce identities and are a small way towards creating a community of like-minded people. [The marketing imagery and model choice are also… interesting.]

Corporate identities are similar. The companies we work for and the jobs we do also create, reinforce and strengthen who we think we are as people. When it comes to hiring people and how you’re viewed as an employer, this leads specifically to the intriguing field of ‘employer branding’. The term is not new having been introduced since the 90s. But, it is likely to receive a resurgence as firms try to differentiate themselves from their peers to attract talented candidates. If benefit packages and annual leave from most tech companies mirror each other and are converging, what makes one company more attractive than its peers? And what about smaller firms unable to compete with larger Tech giants? 

For those smaller tech firms with high ambitions chasing a lean or bootstrapped approach it is their best strategy for recruitment and team growth.


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