When done properly People Development is simple cost-effective and allows you to focus your product or service.

It is not a brilliant strategy which succeeds in business, but a well-executed one: mitigating the people risk and creating long-term sustainable value. Through our strategy and expertise in People Development, we will ensure your business succeeds.

There is currently a low level of public trust in financial services and banking. FinTech, with its agility, transparency, and innovative spirit provides reassurance. Through your people, your organisation can engage your consumers, build relevant products, and lead you to success. People Development is more than simply recruitment.

It includes learning and development, performance management, organisational culture, wider community involvement, and legislative compliance too.

OKA-HR helps you create that team, aligning their skills and experiences with your business strategy. Our strategic guidance will keep your team agile, creative, and able to pivot where necessary. Through our expertise you will gain the latest methods and best practice to move your idea in the direction you want it to go.

HR Strategy

As you grow – organically or through acquisitions – you will need to consider how your firm is structured for long-term purposes. We will do this through team design, in-house training, organisational structuring, and even assist you with advice on international expansion too.

Talent Management

We manage your recruitment channels, conduct first stage interviews, and source candidates. OKA-HR will work with you in designing the selection process and tools. All these whilst incorporating the latest findings to get you the most talent people.

Advisory Services

You need a trained and experienced professional for those every day people issues and questions which require quick decisions. Other options might be too expensive and the use of interns leaves you open to reputational risks. OKA-HR’s advice will be quick, business-orientated and simple to implement.