Caught up in the Conspiracy

Caught up in the Conspiracy

Last weekend I was caught up in a YouTube spiral watching video after video about Epstein. Most of these were considered ‘conspiracy’ theories because they exist outside the mainstream thought and… are often just batty. 

But, you can’t deny the many questions which, connected by awful facts, exist within this story. The stories probed into the origin and dubious nature of his wealth and profession as a financier, transhumanist ideas and worrying connections to the elite scientific community. Together, me on my tiny screen, we dissected the deals which he made. We traced along the lines of his co-collaborators, assistants, royal friends, political strongmen, and celebrities from Alec Baldwin to Courtney Love (?!?) 

During this visual gluttony, I listened to the words of well-known commentator and one of the pioneering investigators of the case. They spoke about the “women” involved. The “women” abused and the “women” in many ‘Jane Doe’ cases

It’s easy to overlook their mistake: I did at that moment. But, these individuals weren’t women, they were “girls”. The glitterati and stained politicos involved in the story were supporting actors and distractors to history (and present) of a series of horrific events. 

In chasing the story, I forgot about the main issue which was that a crime had been committed. 

This sometimes happens within organisations, especially when focusing on a significantly emotional event/s. Though policies and procedures are a good means of keeping us on track or maintaining fairness, we should not forget that sometimes they forget the seriousness of the issues at hand

It can be hard to realise that following a policy or procedure can at times lead to a worse or nonsensical result. In the Epstein case, we’ve seen how the policy was misused and ignored the emotional havoc that those women (once ‘girls’) had suffered.  

As I’ve advanced in my career, I’ve realised that there must always be a fine balancing act between the formality of policies and procedures and the emotional side of working with people.

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