Role of Modern HR Technology in Finding Great Employees

Role of Modern HR Technology in Finding Great Employees

Hiring highly capable people and retaining them is a challenging task. According to the 2017 McKinsey research on Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent, 82 % of the business leaders think their companies are not hiring the right candidates, while only 7% believe that they can retain their highly-skilled employees. Do you also think it is hard to find great employees? Do countless resumes stress you out? 

Here is how modern HR technology can help! 

Talent Acquisition Software

Whether your company is a single enterprise or has several branches in different cities or countries, talent acquisition software enables you to reach the best and most talented candidates. It cuts the hiring costs and reduces the administrative burden associated with recruitment. It does so by automatically analysing the resume, screening the candidates, and may also schedule an interview. 

You can apply filters to shortlist qualified candidates that fit best to the vacancy. Adapting it will help you to eliminate the financial risks involved in the recruitment process and also helps to find new talent. 

RecruiterFlow, Yello, Workable and ICIMS are some of the top talent acquisition software that can help you in streamlining and automating your recruitment process.

Social Media

Various social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. have now become necessary tools for HR departments. These mediums are helpful when posting new jobs and they may help firms reach out to fresh talent in the industry. According to the study by Aberdeen Group published by Forbes, 73% of the job hunters have found their job from social media platform. So, adopting these channels will serve your hiring purpose in no time. 

Human Resource Management System

Unlike other technology, HRM software is designed to manage the complex tasks of HR. More often, it is one software which connects all or most parts of the HR function. From recruitment and training to performance analysis, timesheet and payroll, the software handles all aspects and lets you focus on the other important and strategic elements. 

HRMSs can be useful for ‘internal recruitment’ activities. They may help in identifying potential leaders or areas requiring improvement. These in-turn may assist companies so they may more appropriately support candidates and greatly aid the succession planning process. They are a marked improvement on the subjective 9-box grid method still widely used for succession planning. Firms such as Ceridan, an HR capabilities platform, are demonstrating that it is possible.  

Apart from simplifying and aiding various complex processes, the software also reduces manual errors that arise during the completion of forms for storing information or documents electronically. Moreover, it also prevents data breaches.

Data security and privacy are always critical factors for HR. Usage of multiple mobile devices and various applications at work leads to continuous interchangeability of personal and company devices. This results in data mixing hence increasing security challenges. Verizon’s 2019 data breach investigation report has reported 2,013 data breaches across 86 countries. To ensure data security, you can hide confidential information, save your precious time, and improve the productivity of the recruitment process by using this tool.  

Big Data

Big data is a massive collection of structured and unstructured data. When it is used in the recruiting process, it helps to access, analyze, and find the ideal employee for your organization. Not only it screens resumes based on specific keywords but also lets you know the candidate before the individual arrives for the interview

Though you can obtain the information from various other sources as well, big data gives you an analytical approach to predict the success of candidate for a specific role. 

Companies are increasingly using Big Data for transforming human resources. The usage of big data has helped Xerox in the hiring process. It helped them save their time and money and enables them to focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

So ease your tasks by reducing the time-consuming process and find excellent employees quickly for your organization by using modern technology tools.


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